Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Marfa Report - Long Haul, Elvis, Sugar Rush, and Biscuit in the desert

I almost blow my top waiting for the Enterprise car rental idiots, this is a whole lot of car (Enclave somehow = the bat cave), you didn’t buy some of that “funny stuff” in El Paso, did you? we accidentally take the scenic route to Marfa, it’s like animal planet out here – javelinas, coyote, cows, horses, rabbits, bats, and I hit a bird with the car, the house is kinda cute, run to Padre’s, hugging Joe Cash by the foosball, Tim Johnson is my Marfa hero, fire oh fire and oh Lone Star, Mister Richmond throws a giant wood board in the fire, now that’s how I like to do breakfast, plumbing issues, the Cashiola’s new house is going to be amazing, America Ferrera on a bicycle, gave a copy of SCKLS to Ryan Piers Williams of The Dry Land, Alpine for knickknacks, lots of people seem to be wearing Understanding buttons, these lights are kinda not lights, I’m ok, I’m doing ok, one of the best steaks I’ve ever had, Lindy arrives, Jamie is looking red, Balmorhea and the fishes, Mags makes dinner and Professor Whiskey rears his head, Ross Cash gives me two cigars, I feel great, Joe’s show at the Marfa Book Company (store) was great, Tim is going to print Understanding shirts for the bookstore, Tecate, this movie is ridiculous, to the bat cave! muddy boots, The Harder They Come projected into the blackness, Lou Reed in a sun hat, poor Ross has to shuttle Lou around all weekend, storm coming, Chuck Wagon perfectly timed BBQ, Jamie earns the name "Long Haul", Lauren scores 2 - 3 pointers at shuffle board, Bork’s house after dark, exploding mannequins, exploding art, hearts.