Monday, April 26, 2010

Weekend Report (which includes Thursday night because Thursday night was great, too)

I might have boot envy, Arcos’s patio is always beautiful, you are beautiful, you tried to make pupusas!? badass, water!, Say, Poem, the Understanding Campaign shirts are in (more on that later), we get to sorta hear all our songs on the juke box at Club Charles, Old Ellicott City for coffee, “never walk into the light”, Native American hair ties, dreamy afternoon, read with Dorothea Lasky and CA Conrad, good turnout, I auctioned off a mockup of The Heads (of my family, my friends, my colleagues) for 5 cans of Boh, one Sierra Nevada, 2 shots of Markers Mark, and a shot of Canton, “do you guys know how illegal that is?”, we get invited to read in Philly, and then we get invited to read in DC, making out rendezvous, candy necklace, dot candy, spitting man in the spitting street, Dorothea wants to be a Fed – and maybe Government is the new avant garde, brunch, more laughing, CA wears an Understanding Sticker on his forehead for the photo (even more later), work and work, can I walk into a GameStop and not get ass-handled about preordering titles like I have no idea what to do with my hard earned money? Red Dead Redemption might ruin my social life for a few weeks, and yes, ok, I know what I’m doing here and I have the best life ever.


Jamie Gaughran-Perez said...

Your reading was great... meant to ask you to snag "Black Life" for me... but forgot, just like I forgot to snag it myself.

Justin Sirois said...

Yeah. I was supposed to trade her and forgot. BAH!!!