Monday, April 5, 2010

Weekend (and San Luis/Santa Barbara) Report

Insane traveling day, all Embassy Suites look the same, breakfast buffet madness, rolling hills like Scotland or something, m’kaaay, Press Check at the Federal prison, razor wire everywhere, these guys do great work, they gave me free Recovery dot gov stickers, The Madonna Inn – waterfall pee trough in the Men’s room, walking around with bourbon, Franciscan mission from 1790, some big castle we didn’t want to pay to see, do you ever get hungry?, farmer’s market turns out to be awesome, CIGAR! AH!, sides salads are the new fries, flew back from San Luis, good conversations on the plane(s), gave away SCKLS and Understanding buttons, quick drink with Greg at Rocket, I can’t wait for my new reclaimed wood farm kitchen table, sun and Suttree and making a fire in the back, cleaning, the end of Bad Company 2 – sweet, show at the Golden West, Caleb Stein is just awesome, see you at AWP, grilled waaay too much food for myself, red wine on the front porch and it’s so nice out that I don’t want to go to bed.

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