Friday, April 16, 2010

new poems for the new decade

Well, the manuscript won't be named that, I think it might be named The Heads (of my family, my friends, my colleagues). And NewLights Press is publishing it next year. You psyched? Hmm? Yeah? I am. Totally. NewLights published my first chapbook of poems (that no one has, thankfully... the work aint so good, but the book looks hot) and then another one in 2007 (which is badass and sold out very fast).
But do you know why I'm so psyched?
Because NewLights makes handmade, beautifully crafted, and completely insane artist books. So, expect something that will both blow your mind and you'll want to pass down to your children.
I'm serious.


jenica said...

Congratulations on the poetry hotness!

Kate said...

Fantastic! Hooray!