Monday, April 12, 2010

AWP 2010 Report - Birthday Report

Rackhouse pub, should have tried the whiskey, we already have a “guy”, Toowey’s, Tim rocks the pool table, Kirby Johnson is the funniest person I’ve met in a long time, coon skin caps with Christopher Newgent and Kirby, everyone is wearing Adam Robinson pins, the HTML table is packed, passed my manuscript to Octopus Books, giant turkey legs, jaw droppingly beautiful, Jamie Iredell gets caught drinking a bottle of Maker’s Mark in the bar, Adam and I talked to Richard Nash for an hour in the lobby (actually, Adam did most of the talking), I go outside to smoke a cigar – dig in my pocket for a pack of matches and don’t notice I’m holding a condom in the air for 30 seconds, talked with Molly Gaudy for a while (hope you're ok with the family stuff - thinking about ya), lots of trading books for books, Agriculture Reader 4 is amazingly designed, Blake and Ken rapping in Gene’s car, my video of that got erased, Blake’s rasta rap gangsta reading at the Fatherproof something, HTML Giant party – dancing on the table - touching Ken Baumann’s neck with Ashley - four separate people have told you to read MLKNG SCKLS - that made my night, Submishmash, breakfast with Ken and brainstorming about The Understanding Campaign, $5 FC2 books, Brian Evenson tells me I am partially responsible for him writing the new Dead Space novel (that is kinda killer), Kevin Sampsell and Justin Taylor (best reading of AWP), Brian Evenson thanks me for turning him onto Dead Space (the game), hats, hugs, goodbyes, I love you guys, Aam Robinson - you've done so much for me and I love you the most, Brunch with Jamie, Mags, and Lauren, talking about Marfa, dinner with Patrice, "chair dancing" on the patio - it's not what you think. ;)

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