Wednesday, March 3, 2010


come over here –

come right over here & lay down –

kill some time with me, laying here, it’s

that easy laying here. The first time

you sleep in someone else’s bed

you know them a little less


I’ve shot so many people in videogames,

I’ve wasted so much time, how many people

do you think we’ve wasted? The developers

rewound the headshot thousands of times,

marveling at the physics & the splatter

& I lay here marveling, too – dying

in a room I’ve never seen


you text:

come over here

I text:


you text:

right here


you drive under a burnt out car & take aim

at the spot on my back where you’ve

danced your hand. Your sights shake. You

hold your breath. The recoil from the

rifle pops higher than you expect

snapping my head off at the hose – flipping

grimly like a blood dipped pinwheel.

We spray laughing bits of pretzel. We

venture out for another


you text:

you kill me

I text:

over & over & over


over here

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Anonymous said...

i read this. over and over and over.