Monday, March 29, 2010

Weekend Report

Sweatpants at the Club Phoenix, tight set, crushed at pool, MC, My identity gets thieved on my mental healthy day – looks like I can’t attend that press sheet inspection in San Luis, CA, Tracey gives away a $300 Coach purse for the Understanding Campaign, AMAZING, Hot Tub Time Machine, Outback, 1919, Adam Robinson, “I could have bought an amp for that”, Catonsville Cat Clinic sends a really nice card about Bassie, DIY fair at the BMA, gave away some Understanding buttons, traded SCKLS for a Squidfire shirt, played What Eats What with Mina, i.e. Reading series, Lauren’s descriptions of drawings, Adam Good’s master sampling, Stephanie Barber literally had us screaming/laughing, 7-11 run, “who can get the grossest item?” Adam Good wins, Dante’s Inferno (game) for way too long, Golden West was so underwhelming, sleep oh sleep.


Jamie Gaughran-Perez said...

Too much Inferno indeed... should'a gone to a movie! (my fault)

Justin Sirois said...

You prolly needed it.
I'm going to keep that game for a few days if you want to come over in the pm and slash some more slag gashes.

kevin.thurston said...

Hot Tub Time Machine
if there was a line-break, it would have an aroma of buck

Justin Sirois said...

SO true.
I could easily see Buck writing a funnier movie.

kevin.thurston said...

oh shit, i am old and i live in a foreign country. hot tub time machine is a movie !?!