Monday, March 22, 2010

Weekend Report

Some sorta lymphoma, Lauren Bender helps me bring Bassie home, tons of people show up at the Robison release party, Mina is burnin’ witches! Rupert showed up! Adam shaves his beard out on the patio, Shaun Preston's pot roast goodness, Jamie Iredell tells a story about an Indian Chief, whiskey, Rob grills for everyone, more whiskey, everyone is so supportive, massive omelets out on the patio, sleeping late with Bassie, won’t eat or drink, dry ass cigar, 5:10, Molly Gaudry is brilliant, Hamilton Tavern, I am not good at the book reading game, was it Goldman’s or Goldberg’s bagels? either way, it was good, “this is the French girl”, thank you for taking my mind of things, started the Understanding Campaign facebook group, Bad Company 2, my baby boy – I love you.


Christopher said...

This post makes me wish I lived out east.

Plus, I want to believe all the (what look like) leaves in the background of that first pic are actually the remnants of Adam's beard.

Justin Sirois said...

If you ever need to relocate, Baltimore is the most fun city on the East Coast. For sure.

Christopher said...

duly noted.

Molly Gaudry said...

I would agree that Baltimore is a great place for a writer to live. There's a great gathering of literary folks there and always fun stuff to get into.

Justin, my heart creaks reading this. Much sympathy, and gratitude for the "brilliant."