Monday, March 15, 2010

Weekend Report

Bro night, Dan’s new bathroom with the diamond mirrors, Jack’s Bistro with Greg and Dan, French fries (demi glace, cheese curds, foie gras sauce), Guinness Braised Filet Mignon (smoked gouda, bacon, jalapeno grits, asparagus, demi glace), LORD! Holy Frijoles is a fucking mess, girl flashes us coming out of the bathroom, “were we supposed to follower her?”, Greg’s getting his wood shop together (yes!), talking about reclaiming barn wood, Creative Alliance invited me to teach an experimental fiction course, more rain, patio floods, replaced my watch, bought Haneen a pair of One Stars, now I’ll finally get a package out to her – finally, bowling for the Benders’ 30th, Dave Ne Smith thrown them like softballs, Neon Jesus!, that train couldn’t keep a ball on straight if it we a train design to keep a ball on straight, Leigh’s strike, weirdness, wetness, dang internet!, Gravity’s Rainbow sold for $550.00, Rob cooks a giant corn beef brisket thing and we make the best sandwiches ever, Army of Two 40th Day finished.

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