Monday, March 8, 2010

Weekend Report

Five course meal at Adam Robinson’s house for Culinary Genius, Jamie Iredell can cook, damn!, chicken liver pate, double cameras, Heuy Lewis, I can’t pay for a drink if I tried (thank you guys for all the free drinks), pictures of Bethany’s parent’s destroyed roof, brightest iPhone ever, left my credit card again, internet at the house, yikes, made a fire for Jamie Iredell and Heather Christle, “I hate rabbits!”, Mexican food and tongue tacos (for Jamie), great turnout for the poetry reading that everybody can’t stop talking about, Heather Christle is my new favorite poet, plans to travel to Kurdistan with Heather Rounds, new projects, talking rifles, new Indian joint on rt. 40, Minas reading, you guys make me love Baltimore, “where’s the rest of the poem?”, too many people have said I should talk to you, Shaun Preston kills at pool, Army of Two – 40th Day is pretty nuts, fuck you Avatar, wake up – fall asleep – three dreams about you in a row and now I’m thinking I should probably figure some of that old stuff out.


Jamie Iredell said...

Hey man, it was great meeting you this weekend. Lots of fun!

Justin Sirois said...

You too, man. Hope to see you in Atlanta sometime.

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