Monday, March 1, 2010

Weekend Report

20 pages of edits to go (this is the second, but probably not final round of edits for Falcons), treated at Tapas, this spinach tastes like Thanksgiving! no mushy deserts, please, Dan’s new tattoo is huge, The Golden Calf, every variety of pork dish at Woodberry Kitchen all on one plate (thanks Jill), I was tapping my credit card on the bar (oops), Bob Evan’s sucks again, day fire and couch goodness and Let the Right One In, good vibes go out to Leigh bender, Fells Point with Lauren Bender, double gelato, the last night of Friends (bar), free half pint for me, Adam Robinson eats a giant salami sandwich, cask ale is the warm jam, whiskey tasting at Dave NeSmith’s, we find out that dave is good friend with the new owner of Friends (which will be Sticky Rice – Baltimore), and they own a circa ’60 cop car that I will drive to a show and arrest Sweatpants in, too much vegan food and whiskey, laundry, wasting the evening watching The Stand.


John Dermot Woods said...

Friends. What an unlikely name for a good bar. I spent a lot of time there.

Let the right one in - nice. Beautiful movie. (Too bad they're about to make a crappy American version.)

Justin Sirois said...

Yeah. It'll be interesting to see how/if the neighborhood accepts the new ownership and establishemnt. Luckily, Dave knows the owner pretty well... well enough to borrow their police car and sue if for a band stunt. :)

lauren bender said...

you forgot the hip-hop lyrics!!!