Wednesday, March 17, 2010

three dives and a taco truck later...

Had the pleasure of going on a three “dives” and one taco truck tour of Fells Point last night with Marion Winik, Martha Thomas, and Tony Geraci. I can’t tell too much here at the risk of spoiling Martha’s article for the Urbanite, but, man, it was a hoot. I was going to say gas. I chose to say hoot. Imagine tongue tacos, pupusas, amazing lamb tacos from a truck, verde to knock your boots off, and some massive “quesadilla” that was more like a chorizo filled donut-abomination than tortilla.

Tony Geraci (
link, link, link) is a bad ass. His impassioned speech about how we’re killing our kids with rotten food made us all pause, breathe a little more carefully. Comparing the obesity and diabetic crisis to polio really brought the situation into perspective… like, there’s no reason why society can’t correct this. We already know how.

Did you know, at the rate that we’re eating sugar and carbohydrates and corn syrup, 1 in 3 kinds in America will eventually get type 2 diabetes and 1 in 2 black kids will become diabetic? Lord. Tony’s off to the White House today to consult with Michelle Obama about overhauling school lunches. Again, badass.

Thanks again to Martha and Marion (both equally bad ass) for the opportunity. Needless to say, my stomach is punishing me a little this morning.

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jenica said...

What's so bad about a little bit o' government sanctioned starch and fructose?