Tuesday, March 23, 2010


for Bassie
(1998 - 2010)

some people say

dogs are parasites. If that’s true

then cats are demons

that hug your face & plant their fetus

down your esophagus

where it snuggles in a writhing coil

until it unwinds out your pureed cave. Pukey

hairballs on the stove burner again –

that’s a unique smell to come home to. Clean

& hug & repeat


I’d like to think I found you

by myself, but that’s never really the case. No act

of love is private – there’s no privacy

in love. Dusty thing in a thrift store

brand new to me. What fits in the hand

grows into armfuls & infamy

& then there’s all that hair to sweep

& a Mount St. Helens of poop.

There I go talking about love

what the hell?


all your mothers text:

where are you?

all your mothers comment:

in the bathtub licking the drain, stupid!


now that you’re gone, how do I know

if I was good to you? As good as I could have been –

there was no one to ask then

& no one to ask now. NPR in the kitchen. The house

is just full of stuff that can’t listen


I’m not normally sentimental.

I’m not normally this kind.

I spend too much money in restaurants.

I come home late & you’re still my best friend.

Deadbolt spits out keys like a baby, Jim Beam me to bed

where the old cat rules my legs


Kelly said...

i'm sorry to hear :(

Justin Sirois said...

It's ok.

I cried at Qdoba today.
What the hell is a Qdoba anyway? I have to google that.

I'm going to order this great St. Francis of Asisi statue for Bassie's grave.

Jamie Gaughran-Perez said...

In my memory, he's dapper in a shirt and tie. King of the party.

And I have no idea when / how I'm going to tell my daughter...

Meglet said...

the house is just full of things that can't listen....:(

sweetney said...

(crying) xoxoxo

half truth said...

NPR in the kitchen. The house is just full of stuff that can’t listen.

Selfishly your post gave me a much needed cry. Selfishly too, I'm glad Bassie bit my neck once.

Justin Sirois said...

Lord, he was a little vampire. What was with that?

The Wounded Idealist said...

Hi Justin - I don't know you but was directed here from Tracey's blog. I lost my cat two weeks and this is exactly how I feel. Thank you for sharing. I feel less alone.

Kelly said...

the funny thing is i never heard of Qdoba til this wknd, funny like irony irony like ooops that's disrespectful in light of the loss of bessie. or is it i bet she liked mexican food, too? anyway. st. francis and me have a special thing i am thankful that bessie will have such a peaceful angel by her side.

Irish Gumbo said...

"People love to boast about their stallions;
they tell me nothing can compare
to a horse or donkey---
enough!---I don't want to argue the point,
only cry for you a little.

---excerpted from "An Offering for the Cat" by Mei Yao-ch'en, Chinese poet in the Sung Dynasty years

Here from Sweetney, and you have my deep condolences on the passing of your cat.

sp8cemunky said...

wow Justin well said.

Ya know. It's often the less sentimental folks that get kicked in the head by something.

I like your way with words.