Monday, March 22, 2010

On Al-Mutanabbi broadside by NewLights Press

On Al-Mutanabbi
Poem by Justin Sirois
Arabic translation by Haneen Alshujairy
Letterpress with hand-mechanical printing
and delamination Variable edition of 15 12” x 18” 2010
Not For Sale

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on Al-Mutanabbi (في المُـتنبي )

all the men sparking cars & all of them parking bombs, they fear
your feet – your shoes are novels – they fear your ribs – the books
strapped to your hips. Words shake them nervous, just look

on Al-Mutanabbi (في المُـتنبي )

all of them, blind to the knives inside your vowels. One day we
will walk together. Really! We’ll share kabobs & browse the
used fiction. When your novel is untied, I’ll bend down to tie it &
make those men jealous

on Al-Mutanabbi (في المُـتنبي )

all the men bark because no one taught them how to read the city


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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Justin, good poem! And thanks for introducing me to one of the great classical Arabic poets who I'm sorry to say I never heard of before.
Chris (Mason)