Monday, March 15, 2010

in the works

  • Adam Robison's book release party
  • Al-Mutanabbi Broadside by Newlights Press
  • Baltimore mini chaps for AWP by Kate Wyer and Joe Young
  • MLKNG SCKLS broadside by Black Square Editions
  • reading at i.e. on April 24th with CA Conrad
  • finishing that poetry manuscript
  • might be teaching an Indie Lit. and Small Press course
  • this... if we get funding


jenica said...

So, does the word mean "understanding"? It looks to me like a moon over a lake, or perhaps a person lying down with a book hovering over her. Or maybe a reposing flower.

Justin Sirois said...

Yeah, it means understanding. I think we're going to launch this soon, but we really need non-profit status.

I think it looks like ET playing soccer if you turn it to the left.