Thursday, March 4, 2010

Bioshock 2 - Ayn Rand created nothing

Finished Bioshock 2 after cleaning the house last night. Man. It's one compelling take on Objectivism, freewill, and, ultimately, forgiveness (that's if you choose to be merciful during the game). At the end you don't mind that you've been a puppet throughout the entire plot. It's also great that the moral choices you make in the sequel affect your "adopted" daughter's decisions as well; I can see very different outcomes if I chose to murder key characters out of venegence.

Like the first Bioshock, the game takes you in unexpected places. Without spoiling anything, you'll be happy with the final genetic upgrade gifted to you at the end.

"This one died alone and afraid. Stand in our way and you'll get the same."

Ok, Justin. Would you kindly return to the real world now?

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