Wednesday, March 10, 2010


right now, I’m doing like

eight things at once – but really I’m

just writing a poem which is always

like doing three things at once

if the poem is any good. If you’re

reading this at 6am on a weekday

I’m probably doing ffffour things

at once – if you’re reading this

at 2am on a Saturday

I’m circling the high-rises

of your shoulders & you’re

fogging the highest window


what are you doing? Get over here

at once! I need some help meditating.

Bring some Beam & a pizza

bring all the games you usually bring

to make these breathing exercises easier


the best part of the 21st century, I can already tell,

was when the internet started making sense –

& then all of a sudden

it stopped making sense. You pop up

& disappear – wait & wait for the

opportunity. Fingers become batteries

in the mouth. Lick the window

& your reflection licks back


email while coffee while remembering
I forgot to while readjusting while face
lotion while facebook & tracking numbers
while voicemail while cute kittens &
cute cheeks & somehow you liked that
more than I thought you would while
half dream & alert reminder & stat counter
while just now realizing those new Old Spice
ads might be working on me




I will spoon out my eyes, let them

dangle like Tabasco yoyos – I will free my teeth

with a smashed pint glass unless you

hurry up

& get to the point

because I have so much to do before my body

fails me & I will only be able to do one thing

at once

1 comment:

jenica said...

Love the ending. And the rest.