Friday, February 12, 2010

Weekend (Snowmageddon) Report

Rush to stock up on food, people who use the self check out “Express Yourself!” at super Fresh on Security Blvd. sure express themselves very, very slowly, speeding through the snow to get to Jamie’s house, John Waters at the Club Charles, Kris and I talk to him about book publishing and agents and Baltimore’s public transportation, pictures!, Texas Hold’m, GUT NUTS (Jamie says they are little scrotums dangling off your organs), Captain Crunch French toast, icicles as tall as I am!, thank God we still have electricity, so many frozen pizzas, Late Night Tacos at Midnight, PS2 revival – Shadow of the Colossus is a hit, Deadwood junkies, mushing through Mt. Vernon, never thought I get to do that with anyone, best breakfast quesadilla from Chili’s or Kris’ kitchen, Mark Kozelek in the snow, feeling sick as heck, Adam Robinson is wasted! missed the Bowl, Ric kinda just watches us shovel and then he eats some food, I could eat 50 of Jamie’s Johnny cakes, back home, cats love me, shoveling out for the second time, wind!, I want to shoot those icicles down with my pellet rifle but there are too many people around, my old wrist injury aches - reminds me of three years ago, just wanted to text you, The Cove (documentary about Dolphin slaughter in Japan… wow, wow, wow), Bioshock 2 and Beam through the blizzard, slowly savoring what groceries I bought, healing still, off to get a cigar, Rob finally arrives, tag team snow removal and more Beam, 2 hour delay, it’s nice to be back in the office

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