Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Weekend Report

I really don’t remember Friday at all, oh wait, GILBERT! and he’s rocking spurs, wanted to say hi, didn’t say hi, edits, i.e. Series, nice boots, Kate Wyer did a bang up job, that other Kate had balls getting up there and doing that, Chris Toll might be crazy, baby ass beer at iBar with Royer and Robinson, that mannequin is glowing-gross in lingerie, back at Dio, Johnny Rockets, you went out of your way to find out what the milk shake guy’s name was, I called him Chet, then the songs come on, Up In the Air, pork Chops at Adam Robinson’s house, flat tire, driving Rob’s truck, shopping for a dryer, nothing and nothing, I need to read more, cannot wait for Charleston on Thursday.

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Kate said...

thank you! *blush*