Monday, February 1, 2010

Weekend Report

Mike Young and his girlfriend come into town, song for song with Groove Shark (highly recommended), “did you say something about the new iPad tablet by Apple?” “NO, I said my boobs just feel off and they’re on the dirty floor!”, Adam Robinson and I bar hop – the Robinson Principle applied at Brewer’s Art – writing shitty jokes at Dionysus – meeting people at Club Charles, where did all this snow come from? through the blizzard for a cigar, family portrait at Safe Way with Joe Young/Mike Young and GF (sorry, I’m forgetting your last name right now) ((update: Carolyn Zaikowski))/Adam Robinson/a Safe Way employee we just grabbed/The BSO (Back Seat Owl), Literary Death Match Baltimore, one of the judges is a creepo, one of the judges is very generous with his time, one of the judges is more entertaining than the event, Mike Young wins by sheer talent/being clever as hell, City Lit Press is interested in Falcons, a little drunk, more work on Falcons, the David Franks memorial was great – magic cookies – Royer did a good Pay Attention – Bender’s playing the harp – Jamie’s pigs in a blanket make me groan – that sounded gross.

1 comment:

Mike Young said...

Hey Justin, it was awesome to hang out with you and Back Seat Owl. Carolyn's name is Carolyn Zaikowski. =)