Monday, February 22, 2010

Weekend Report in Charleston

Aye Caraba’s!, I think the server is afraid of us, The Upper Deck, Nate is (still) drunk, 10 High, nag champ and man pee, Mastriani is great, he has his 401k as his home page, speaking at the Art Institute of Charleston was so fun, they’re paying for me to come back next year, lost my voice, Fleetwood (Beckett’s dog) is a beast, grilled shrimp at some place off the road, shooting the .38 on the farm, we’re bad shots, Magnolias – amazing scallops/fried green tomatoes with grits/giant pork chop, where the heck is my voice?, The Kickin’ Chicken’s staff is cute as heck, The Recovery Room, best tramp stamp ever = Fuck It Like You Stole It, the wheel lands of boobs, Fleetwood eats a pork bone and Clem and I have to strange him until he spits it out, 60 degrees and beautiful, smoking a cigar in the park, more BBQ, upgrading to first-class was the best idea ever, raced to 60/60 just in time to see it, Kris! good to see you and everybody and wow… where did my voice go?


Kris said...

Justin! Splendid surprise cameo! Your voice is on strike (that'll teach you to watch your drunk grammar)!

emily said...