Wednesday, February 24, 2010


today, I succumb to the obvious –

we were born between periods in time

that historians still struggle to name;

Generation Applebee’s upgrades from career

to career, allegiance to the feed. Generation

Beta can’t work at all, rubbing one out

on the clock’s face – between the toke

& the title menu. Halleluiah! Today, I succumb!

I’m part of that unwilling & crippled Generation

fueled by unmanageable debt

infertile by their own fields


oh, that’s fine. At least we still have conversation,

at least I can still make you kick. When I get

all serious, people stop paying attention. It’s like

those terrible political activist paintings that obviously

hate their audience.

Why bother, we think. &

why are pants & underwear

so hard to get off when you’re lying down?


World War I used to be called

the Great War

just like the Great Depression

used to be called the Great Depression


blame gravity when there’s no one else in the room

or Salinger

yeah, that’s easier


in this short time together, lying here, struggling

with the obvious, I’ve decided to name the thing –

not so you know what I’m talking about

I’ve never been worried about that

but to put some magic back

where the magic was

& now we’re magic


Anonymous said...

oh i think it's always appropriate to blame gravity.

also, did like this post very much.


Jamie Gaughran-Perez said...

Keep it rolling, sir, and see you soon.

I'm writing vicariously through you.

Justin Sirois said...

In the desert night, I'm going to fill my mouth with moonlight and kiss each and every one of you.