Friday, February 26, 2010


the man who first said, “I will have them

eating out of my hands!” never fed an animal

in his life. He never cooked a meal for his mother

or his son or his wife – never bought a meal

for anyone but himself – but once, on

an airplane, he passed a coffee to the person

next to him because the stewardess

couldn’t reach


they only way I’ve survived this long

is that I can taste the thing before I’ve

put it to my tongue


I would let you


you’re careful not to get your fingers bitten

as you should be

they are lovely fingers


I’ve never been truly hungry – close to starvation or

too weak to cry. There are two types of people

in this world




& they crawl through the blackness

towards one another, locking mouths

in the months before elections


people who have experienced great loss

& great love, great war & great weirdness

don’t really talk about it much. & why would they?

People who eat out of peoples’ hands, they talk

as loud as they can.

No one listens to them


you open your hands

show them what they’re missing


jenica said...

I'm reading this in class today as part of our end of the year coffee house poetry reading.

Justin Sirois said...

That makes me super happy.