Thursday, February 18, 2010


there’s a term for when the movie trailer

is better than the actual movie

& there’s a term for when

the picture that you think of when we look at you

isn’t the picture we actually see


love has been the least rewarding endeavor

of my life. No, that’s not right. It’s

been the most rewarding. Let’s be honest

with ourselves, let’s not kid ourselves anymore –

the only thing that’s keeping us from each other

is everything we’ve learned about ourselves

& really, how little

is that?


riding in my car last night after getting

the alignment fixed, I leaned out the window

& a potato chip bag on the sidewalk said,

“I was never in love with the people

I had the most fun with.”

& that was ok

because who wants to be in love with a bag?


I got the courage

& then lost the courage

& now it’s all about being comfortable

with that


one day the profile will update itself

& the other me will have dinner

with the other you & they will have

the loveliest time. Weird. There’s footage of it.

We’ll watch all that when we have time –

& we’ll make time

because we’ve already seen the movie trailer

& it looks pretty sweet


Jenica said...

Thank you for sharing. I needed that poem. Right now.

Anonymous said...

Hey Justin, i met you the other night at the Dionysus. just perusing your blog and saw this poem, enjoyed the observations, felt a little sad by them, and saw there was no comment and felt that in fact there ought to be. those words have resonance, casual as it may seem... anyway

Justin Sirois said...

Hey, shoot me an email.
justin edward sirois at g mail dot com.