Thursday, January 28, 2010

David Franks Week - poem by Justin Sirois

I Didn’t Pay Attention
David Franks

I can only say good things

now that you’re dead – that’s the rule

people follow

or maybe I can say really good bad things like

he could peel a banana with his mind


he used to host spider eating contests

in bed.

Sometimes you flirted with my girlfriend

& that was ok.

I liked that girlfriend, too


if you hold a stethoscope to a banana

do you hear the hands that picked it?

You’d say

Well of course, you ninny!

& then I’d help you find a chair


I wondered if all of it was true

& now all of it is true


sit down, David!


you called me a few times & I didn’t

pick up the phone.

I think, when you’re young, you can chat & chat

up all night pondering death & The Milky Way

& then you forget all that

until you’re truely alone

& there’s a spider in your bed


a real man

(a man in touch with the real)

never stops wondering

about the banana

or what church bells can do

besides being church bells


did I tell you

he could peel a banana

with his mind?


pilgrimsoultoo said...

a nice one!

jenny said...

I love the photo and the poem

Justin Sirois said...

Jenny - I hope you see this comment. I can't access Facebook at work. Can you email me the art by/of David to my gmail account?
justin edward sirois at g mail dot com?

jenny said...

Justin I hope you got the second emails today. Was second part of my piece.thanks for everything ,

Magus said...

love that poem, Justin