Wednesday, January 27, 2010

David Franks Week - poem by Dan Gutstein


He ain't crazy; he's psychotic. They got him for felony loitering. Felony spray-painting a bull's eye and felony jumping off a building. Felony masturbation. Across from the truck garden. Across from the mending court, lightning kindled by a patriotic fireworks barrage. The chess match not in endgame, but knight forks king and rook. (This is a problem.) The short dude wins twenty bucks. "I am an Uzbek," he proclaims, beating the left side of his chest with his opponent's fist. Cartoon characters and their wig bubbles: "Joe goes on about mojo after he washes up with GoJo." That rat is both glossy and confident because someone took a personal interest in that rat. Fed it lots of Aunt Jemima. Muthafuckeyyy.

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