Monday, November 9, 2009

Weekend Report

Bubble cursive and trapped overnight on your 14th birthday at a house you don't want to sleep in (this scene sums up so much loneliness so simply that it makes me actually think it happened to me), Los Solos, Grande Spectator card which gets me into the Lof/t for free for life, your boss is Dan Gutstein? Marshall McLuhan – hot & cold media (we get it!), Thai flavored salad and assholes Florentine, fire (pit?) in the Weber, flakes in your dark hair, oh Adam, Medium Cool, writing marathon, why oh why did I got o Long John Silvers? burning witches with Mina in which we lanced almost dry leaves with the fire poker and roasted them while screaming, eeeeee! bought some bourbon, i.e. Reading series, Ric Royer is wearing my L.L. Bean sweater, dipped out, ragging with ole Jamie – Talisker, big eyes, Baltimore wasn’t always this beautiful, no sir, late waking, no fire, expensive evening doing irresponsible things, and now that presentation that got rescheduled for today just got rescheduled for next week.

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