Wednesday, November 4, 2009

from Furtherest From (working title)

Beasts and beasts and what lives in the wood pile out back by the shed with the broken door? Pink eye. Our lost cat. Spiders as big as your cheeks. Chic has a broken nose. The Joy of Sex. The Joy of Drawing. The Joy of Drawing the Joy of Sex. Devon and his constant drumming out. Walt Disney's alluring playground. Running over your cousin's legs with a sled. Devon tranforms. We will move. St. Benedict walks in between our desks at CCD casting prayers against our poisoned brains. Silly little Dumbers with the invisible infection - little Dumbers hidden inside garages reciting combustion. A house should be anything but a symbol of wealth. Survive it and suffer the shame. Admire cruelty's shield. Will we move? Will the World Health Organization finally give up? Will President Clinton see a second term or be impeached for his handling of The Dumbness of us all?
Torchlight in the woods. Torchlight in the freezing.

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