Monday, October 26, 2009

Weekend Report

ie Reading series, two nights of Ric Royer, AR and MH try to find Poe’s grave, giant TV and NFL figurines and saltwater fish tanks, good talks with beautiful people, bombed hosts, bullies try to smash a lighter by Torchlight’s head,
Performance Thanatology - The 50 Greatest Ladies and Gentlemen is/was brilliant, Sweatpants at Dio, bourbon for the band, facebook stalked Robinson, she actually remembers North Pole Nasties, there’s a business card in my pocket from someone I don’t remember, grilled pork chops with chipotle apple sauce and cheesy grits for brunch by the fire pit on a lovely afternoon with amazing friends, (watching Jamie play) Prototype, Taco Bell and Toll Academy.


Jamie Gaughran-Perez said...

Please take Prototype away from me. Wait don't. No no, please do. DON'T!

Justin Sirois said...

Oh, just wait until Modern Warfare II comes out. Yow!