Thursday, October 1, 2009

the Republican Party

What the Republican Party has to realize is that the DIY, indie culture has become the mainstream. As corporations lose control over media outlets and the mediums people use to express themselves, the corporate controlled Republican Party will lose credibility among the expanding creative class. Nerds are the heroes (Colbert, Harry Potter, Steve Jobs), video games teach our kids (Nintendo DS), outcasts are sexy and will live forever (Vampires), bookworm iconography replace the old (sparrows replaced by owls). Increasingly so, the Republican Party’s image problem will be unrecognizable and unsolvable by the very people that struggle to define it as they’ve relied on corporations and universities to define them all their lives.

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kevin.thurston said...

but where does organized religion as self-expression fit ? it seems to be their last (and a thus far enduring) card ?