Friday, October 9, 2009

late and long Weekend Report from last weekend

Met Aaron Cohick at MICA, Dolphin Press special collections department with Gail, Aaron and I are invited to do an artists’ residency next year, so much mac and cheese at Brewers, picked up Beckett straight from Berlin, The Tavern, the madness, Panda’s giant hands, this art makes me want to piss someone else’s pants, machine guns with Cohick, tried to see a movie, reactivated, apps, “Misfit Wings”, Lauren Bender is still a mime, Jay’s parents, fireside, broken chair to be burned, Captain Crunch French Toast and bacon (always a hit), Beckett to NYC on the MVP (bus), Ellicott City, bubbles everywhere, Ghost Town Tattoo Shop, paint all over Amy’s cat, Aaron Henkin’s birthday party at Mustang Alleys, college girls, naked Lily Allen, ie Reading Series, looking for you, free Pussy book from Lee Ann Brown, trying to describe Falcons, need rest bad, wasted Sunday, dropped Aaron Cohick off at the airport, not sure why this game keeps saving an hour behind what I just completed? response from Replacement Press, hopeful.

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