Monday, September 28, 2009

Weekend Report

Bumps from all the Autho people (more on that later, if it works out), rumors of the next Hot Night (Gabby and Bret McCabe), a girl ripped off my glasses because I didn’t want to take her home, pickle backs – all the rage, working and working on the new MS, wedding shopping, reading at the Baltimore Book Fest went really well, Adrianna offered help with Falcons, Sweatpants at the H&H, Joose, HOT STONE, trying to imagine more, what did you steal when you were little?, April gray and Paul Simpons amazing wedding = beautiful everything, superb DJ, missing my Jill so much, the kids bumped us from our table, little guy killin’ the dance floor, massive hotel rooms, Stewart Palm dazzles, should have taken today off.

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