Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Weekend Report

Swift work on Futherest From, third place in poker (Jamie GP 2nd, Michael Kimball 1st), racing to White Marsh to pick up Danielle, we are clunky! SO CLUNKY! dripping taps at Duclaw, no tentacles in the calamari? Inglorious Basterds – kinda good, Sweatpants sweated my pants at the CCAS, tried to get into dancing, John Eaton rules the dance floor, dollar 16 oz Tecate, Mostly Dimes sleeping in the living room, big brunch, he looks like Cullen Stalin, half watched movies, SALTS! I really need to outline more of this beast before I continue, the cast iron grill top came in the mail, but half of it was missing, hiking Patapsco Park, through the train tunnel, stepping on dead things, what kimchi to choose?, dangerous cheese, early morning drop off at Penn Station, xo.

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