Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Publishing Genius - Adam Robinson interviewed in Higher Ed

"This is all impressive enough for someone who is working full time, with another year to go in his MFA program; but it seems fair to say that you would not expect Variety, the trade journal of the American entertainment industry, to take notice of Adam Robinson’s work. But in fact this has happened. Last month, the paper reported that Spike Jonze, the Academy Award-nominated director who is now wrapping up an adaptation of Where the Wild Things Are, had acquired the rights to a novella by Shane Jones called Light Boxes, which Publishing Genius brought out in February.

Variety managed to get the name of the publisher wrong, nor did it bother to correct the error when this was pointed out. It might make sense for Robinson to change to the publishing house's telephone listing to “Genius Press” -- at least if it actually had one."

More here.

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