Monday, July 13, 2009

Weekend Report

Whartscape begins, cutest smug horse ever, Blue Leader!, nervous - a little, love it when you call me punim, one giant roach, ruffled bird’s nest hovering above the bed, fearing the sunrise, I’ll trade you sweet corn cakes eggs Benedict and grits and coffee for…, the Featherproof crew is radical, Scorch Atlas looks utterly incredible, talking signatures and offset with kick ass designer Zach Dodson, kitten poop on my forearm, Michael Kimball gives knee advice, Blake Butler’s clumpy beer crotch, Dogfish Head spiced rum, garden hose suicide, the noble John Eaton, I do wish I could text you all night, Double Dagger gets better and better, Dan Deacon’s interpretive dance/dance-off/relay races are brilliant (audience as medium), gorgonzola and pineapple pizza, Beam Blackout.

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