Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Newlights Press - MLKNG SCKLS broadside

Aaron Cohick of Newlights Press is working on a destroyed/hand manipulated/typeset broadside from this piece in MLKNG SCKLS:

.....Last night I dreamt about a mutt whose tail never learned how to wag, and under a sun that gagged us with heat, the mutt sat stoned with its mouth belching cones of pot smoke. Sometimes the smoke shone orange – sometime it had the texture of keffiyehs. People passed it in the street, not looking between its ears. No one ever pet the mutt. Men on bicycles swerved around it. Cars pulled U-turns. Buses sped by. It was part something, but mostly something else.
.....Its nose was badly burnt.
.....It jiggled like cooked fat.
Needless to say, I can't wait to see what comes of Aaron's tedious craftsmanship.


NewLights Press: Et Al. said...

"Tedious craftsmanship?" There is nothing more exciting than slowly cutting and peeling away 12 point type--working a hair's breadth from the edge of chaos.


Justin Sirois said...

CHAOS meaning waking up with the tip of your ring finger drooling on the carpet.
You are, really are, a mad man.