Thursday, July 23, 2009

MLKNG SCKLS hard cover?

I was kicking around the idea of making some limited edition hard covers of MLKNG SCKLS and selling them at cost - around $20. Ideally, they'd be signed by Haneen and I, but we're still waiting on her first package of SCKLS to arrive in Cairo. If I get a few people to commit to pre ordering a hard cover edition, I might go ahead with it depending on the quality Lulu can deliver. Thoughts? Comments?
I started on the guts of this project and decided to include six pages from Falcons that actually made it into the final manuscript. It'll be a little bonus for anyone interested in ordering a copy of the hard cover.

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Shane Jones said...

i would buy one of these.

j. a. tyler said...

I would too.