Monday, June 15, 2009

Weekend Report

Adam’s portrait for his Narrow House book is SO hard not to share with you right now, scaring the Kimballs outside their fence, Matt and Josh could kick your ass, we are too old for that, Adam smashes a bottle and cuts Steph Barber’s foot, no more dance parties, the great Baltimore literary sit down at the MSAC, a Combat Paper gift (thank you, Phu), drawing portraits at the Genius Party was a lot more fun than I imagined, sold a bunch of books, Shane Jones’ lecture was charming, I’m going to program one hour of the New Years Day poetry event, you are stunning, Sasha Fletcher takes the couch, Captain Crunch French toast for brunch, Matt Bell’s kind words, The Hangover and the Hamilton Tavern, dizzy and dizzy.


Shane Jones said...

i had a great time. good talking to you. we'll do it again soon.

Josh Maday said...

It was great meeting you, Justin. Your Captain Crunch French toast is phenomenal. Looking forward to MLKNG SCKLS. Hey, your piece about the sculpture at the BMA was excellent, too.

Justin Sirois said...

Thanks, both of you. And you're always welcome back to Baltimore, anytime.