Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Austin Report

Man oh man, Austin is hot, The HOW looks budget this year, Geico creative director is a hoot, chili cheese fries at Jackalope at 2am, the designers from Sheets are super nice, Lindy flies in, You’ve really never seen a DJ spin vinyl? Trying to find a use for Twitter, Sky Kittens, Fist Yourself! San Jose Hotel, Double Dagger, Nolen draws circles around our feet, your hair and glasses and everything are making me weak in the knees, glowing turquoise house, quick change into swim suits in the car, Barton Springs, cat spread eagle on the top of a car, flaming Doctor Peppers, eat this fajita! did I say how hot it was? inappropriately amazing assets you have going on there, introducing Abita, Cajon shrimp for Lacy and Kat, trying not to buy more boots, tuna tartar, more cigars, The Peacock looks straight out of a Mathew Barney film, delayed flight and lots of Lone Star.

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