Monday, May 18, 2009

Weekend Report

Eid melaad Saeed!*

Editing MLKNG SCKLS with Adam, Charles Rose by Samuel Beckett, Mathew Simmon’s - A Jello Horse - is fresh, all of this psychedelic abstraction is getting old, Lindy’s 2nd birthday party, I will not sing, Taxlo’s a little thin (but the music was amazing), more revisions, Adam Good hands over a vintage guide to Iraq, Royer at 5:10, Let Me Eat Cake, tofu buffalo blobs, loud blinking white square, Susan’s in the City Paper, seafood pancake/kimchi pancake, Happy Birthday Haneen!* more revisions, reading at the farm which wasn’t a reading at all, I want to own a tractor, late night chicken, Wanted (the game), Earthquake!


kevin.thurston said...

did you like the seafood and kimchi pancakes? PaJeon (파전) are sadly only available as a drinking snack here, or sometimes from street vendors. things are worth killing a baby if they're made correctly.

word verification: tracting which i reckon is a verb used in reference to tractors

Justin Sirois said...

Indeed, PaJeon at 2am is a lovely thing (once a month, maybe). It's impossible to find "normal American" food in Baltimore after midnight.