Monday, May 11, 2009

Weekend Report

I am going to destroy your cell phone because it is destroying our friendship, sleeping too much, should be reading or something, one last hurrah, Close Range!, sleeping way too much (need to figure that out), Zwack, Duck Pin bowling, you’ve been banned from how many different bars? - you Hipturd, fashion disaster trainwreck, Oldie says, "sorry I snore so loud" – you’re adorable/your parent's are adorable/we're dangerous, sleeping instead of writing, mom calls me back to say I love you – melts my heart all over my ribs, off to DC, this bartender is a buffoon, this blue cheese burger is a giant boil, Chris Nealon’s book release reading, thank you everyone for the positive comments about the PLMT book design (it made my Caligula-esque weekend somewhat wholesome), question for my audience: should I design the Flarf anthology for Edge Books? butter smothered cupcakes, passing out in the car, thank you for driving, Jamie, Star Trek tonight!
*we sleep in little boxes of text

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