Thursday, May 28, 2009

pre order MLKNG SCKLS

You can pre order MLKNG SCKLS now.

In MLKNG SCKLS, two young men leave Fallujah to follow a river, letting its flow dictate the path of their escape. Along the way, the narrator keeps track of his thoughts on his slowly dying laptop, its fading battery power increasing the tension of his already fraught passage through this dangerous landscape. These brief entries record not just the thoughts of the refugee, the exile, but also how these two men try to understand themselves through tall tales about brothers saved from rabid dogs by mere cigarettes, through fantasical memories of uncooking meals for girlfriends, through hallucinatory visions of predatory trees and circling vultures. These are stories told first to pass the time, sure, but also to explain who they once were, in the lives they have just left behind. Sirois' masterful creation is not just a travel narrative, not just a epistolary, not just a war story. This is desert madness made universal, a coming of age rendered apocalyptic in language as sparse and beautiful and ultimately perilous as the desert passage it describes.
- Matt Bell, author of


Adam R. said...

I want a copy of MLKNG SCKSL.

sp8cemunky said...

nice. i'll be getting my copy very soon!

Haneen Alshujairy said...

I'm posting this on my facebook :)

p.s: I still want my copy!

Justin Sirois said...

You'll absolutely get one!!
You are amazing.