Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Marfa report

Chuy's, Boy Band photo opp, El Paisano, elbow fives!, Padre's is a MADHOUSE, Marfa Film Fest begins, Swedish intern, shuffle board all afternoon, new (amazing) boots, personal tour of Judd's studio, you and me behind the screen, Ix and Ledo, drinking from coconuts, goat heads in our palms, crushin' on the Doctor - cute socks in them boots, five bottles of Sotol, Jamie buys his first pair of boots, is this documentary for real?, house hunting with the Cashiolas, what the fuck is a Clown Hunt? bicycle with a sidecar, Jamie makes dinner, Vance... I'm not sure what to say, soar foot, Narrow House on NPR, Lacy Van Court - you are radical, prog-swamp, Kendra Curry will not drink bathtub Sotol, Michalada, the reading went very, very well at the Marfa Bookstore Company (thank you Tim Johnson), cistern in the middle of the desert (see photo), Ross is very modest, The Last Picture Show.


gina said...

This sounds like the most awesome thing ever.

Justin Sirois said...

It kinda is. It's like Brooklyn in the middle of the desert without all the hipturds.