Monday, April 20, 2009

truncated Weekend report

Back from Miami and still fleeing ill, trying to write a piece for Ryan Schneider's new book of paintings, that pumpkin appetizer thing, Joe Young as the multi-German, we are insane, City Lit Fest, sandwiches at Trinacria (one of Baltimore’s best kept secrets), ring pops for the homeless, Phu’s opening at Off the Wall, Joe Cashiola get a number, the handle of Beam is EVIL, breakfast in bed couch, still sick?, Resident Evil 5 is a little annoying.


Phampersand Press said...

Mr. Beam and I are on a Break until further notice.

thanks for everything <3

Jamie Gaughran-Perez said...

edit: "Phu creates opening for Joe to get a number."

Well done seniorita!

Justin Sirois said...

So true!
and I'm EVER bringing a handle of Beam to any public event again.
Poor Leah.