Monday, March 9, 2009

Weekend Report

Refining the outline for Falcons, pineapple and feta pizza, poker at Michael Kimball’s: multiple hats - great advice, I keep standing in the middle of my patio with my arms crossed – staring at the boulder, more refining, Romen & Juliette (cigar) Lauren Bender’s homage to Will’s flat file, amputees, 80% of people prefer chips to poetry (Raworth), Let Me Tell You About My Uterus – By Dudes, Phillip K. Dick ate B vitamins, your dog is from Sesame Street, I don’t think you’re going to like the Watchmen… Chinasaurs!, planetarium, beautiful day, Bender edits, Kimball edits, early night.

1 comment:

Phampersand Press said...

DUH - it ought to be "let me tell you about your uterus by bro's, with a prologue by drunk bro"

I'm only submitting my edit as the author of the other half of this diptych (Let Me Tell You About Your Weiner, a Narrow House Exclusive)