Monday, March 2, 2009

Weekend Report

AWP benefit, your new mustache is impressive, NO - she’s based her entire literary career on this? escape with Kimball and Joe Young, fisting at the Hexagon, finished the second round of revisions Falcons – thank you Lauren Bender (I want to you to edit everything I write for the rest of my life), kept staring at the boulder in the back yard – a man shouldn’t be this excited about a boulder*, Joe Cashiola feeds me bananas and Godiva, the new Arbouretum video is beautiful, Baba’s Med. Kitchen (A+), the madness of Nam Kang karaoke: jet skiing; baby animals; Phu is Axel Rose, best breakfast/nap combo ever, poor Bassie’s toxic asset, classic Narrow House meeting, overcharged and underserved at Las Vegas, Blindness didn’t feel like a movie for some reason; that might be a strength (but I did like the Happening, as hard as that is to admit**), I FOUND IT (1 down, 3 to go).
*not the boulder

**does anyone else think it really WASN'T the wind? Like, The Happening is a comment about hysteria and paranoia
? And the fact that so many audience members bought that it was the wind is another conceptual layer to the film? I might be giving the movie more credit than it deserves.


Phampersand Press said...

which one did you find? #1/4 does not have an envelope or number!

bravo to you for making it into work today... they gave us the option of "unscheduled leave" which I took to mean "stay in bed with laptop and movies because I can't go back to sleep"

I'm in the mood for soup.

Justin Sirois said...

#3, if I remember correctly.