Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Mini-vacation, Weekend report

The long drive begins, abandoned hospital, Honey’s in Philly, disappointed by the book arts, creepy Quay Brothers, traffic, escape to Texas, one big h(m)otel room, a thoughtful crit of Falcons from Daniel Lazar, a few cigars, Raven Books, so many homeless people, feed the frog, swordfish, trample stamped, finally saw Matt Rumain’s Moving Up episode, some coasters, ampersand for Phu, S.L.U.G., you read Berrigan? BESOS in my Moleskine, brilliant curry, sharks! she writes in 2 pt font, paper from 1600 (repaired!), Iron-Hand Mary threw herself in the lake, more driving, the quest for burger shots, home.

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Phampersand Press said...

BESOS in your BELOG.