Tuesday, February 17, 2009

(long) Weekend Report

Revisions, Emily’s new teeth feel real, finally reading Watchmen (incredible), Birra Moretti and mozzarella, distressing clothes for the Arbouretum video, new short story - deleted scene - from Falcons on the Floor: how a cigarette can save your life, damn you MSAC!, good brunch, good talks, my xBox died (red ring), Adam Robinson returns from AWP – new wife; bagless; deranged; spitting; mouth pissing, Phampersand button on my hat, you are so cozy, "where did you get that thing!?", I own a house and I frame my pictures, Planetarium!, more story (a cigarette really can save your life), Stephen Janis’ Orange - I took that cover photo in 2003, picked up revised pages from Lauren, BOOKIES tomorrow (it’s like a reading w/o reading and maybe some gambling) - and now... the Pirate Bay trials?

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Jenica said...

and now...the internationally reknowned Pirate Party?