Monday, February 9, 2009

Weekend Report

Revisions, Los Solos, would you say endearingly vain?, the dexterous and sublime Susan Alcorn, sorry about the sorta drunk texts, revisions, pulled the trigger on a 20 x 22 foot natural stone patio with fire pit for the back of the house, 55 degrees in early February, DO NOT watch G.I. Jesus, ie series, Cathy’s Ass, Benjamin Franklin, and the cockroach, chocked at pool, Japanther’s drummer, estate sale: no good fiction or first editions, but a French presse and a massive mortar and pestle for $5, Narrow House meeting: amazing JGP brunch, pattle ball, Leigh is better, I am going to fist him with my cock, The Blood of My Brother (a must see), the HMM is back (*wink).

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