Monday, February 2, 2009

Weekend Report

Revisions, Shane Jones’ Light Boxes looks amazing, you Taxlo guys haven’t changed, Bloodless?, I don’t really remember the pancakes, lost knife, found knife, more revisions, Lonesome Dove, Kane and Lynch still blows my mind (sequel and film adaptation in the works), restaurant week, your friends are great, AK Slaughter = hilarious, this is my vague reference to you in The Weekend Report, filming the Arbouretum video: Susan’s a gypsy, I’m a Newsy, stairs of ice and mud-death, hauling the log, making camp, making fire, I put a burning knife in my mouth, Idle Hour Soup-er-Boule, NBCee it? (LAME), Lauren Bender leaves 30 marked up pages of Falcons in her mailbox for a late night pickup.

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